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Basic Features

Monitor 1 destination at a time

You tell us what origin and destination you'd like us to monitor, and we use AI to find the absolute best flight deals.

No ads or hidden fees

You'll only hear from us when we find you a fantastic deal, and nothing more.

No hidden fees to book - just extremely cheap flights.

1 notification per month

Whenever we find a deal, we'll let you know - once per month.

Premium Features

Monitor unlimited destinations

BoltFare can monitor unlimited destinations on your behalf. Can't make up your mind between Southeast Asia, Paris or Amsterdam? Receive deals for all of them.

30 day money-back guarantee

Not satisfied? Receive a refund by contacting us within 30 days. No questions asked.

Unlimited deal notifications

Premium users get notified every time a deal that matches your itinerary is found, giving you the flexibility of truly deciding where you want to go.

With an average savings of $600 per ticket, BoltFare Premium pays for itself.

Basic Premium
Cost Per Booking Free Free
Deal notifications per month 1 Unlimited
Locations to track at a single time 1 Unlimited
After a deal is found, get notified after 60 minutes Instantly

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Our customers save an average of $600 per ticket. See how much you'd save if you used BoltFare to book your flights.

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